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Bedekar Misal

Bedekar Misal, serving Punekars the most delicious misal since 1948, is a beacon of consistency. Unique for serving misal with sliced bread instead of the traditional pav, Bedekar Misal has been among the top names in the business for over 6 decades.

Bedekar Misal

Bedekar Misal has been serving Pune’s best misal since 1948, and has been one of the city’s most recognisable brands for over 75 years.

__Scope Of Work

With the rise in the use of digital marketing, Bedekar Misal also decided to step into the online world. Being one of the most iconic restaurants in Pune, everybody within the city already knew all about it. But we aimed bigger. Through creative social media marketing that showcased the brand’s essence well, we generated engagement from across the nation and grew Bedekar Misal’s reach consistently and organically.

__Project Goals

  • Increase online presence
  • Grow customer base
  • Enhance brand identity online


The growth of many misal brands in Pune gave us the opportunity to study Bedekar Misal’s competitors to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This competitor analysis and a brief content analysis allowed us to look into what needed improvement and develop and optimise our marketing strategy accordingly.

__Key Takeaway

  • No Instagram account created 
  • No online brand identity


We developed a comprehensive social media strategy for Bedekar Misal, which included creating highly engaging content, making use of trending memes and hashtags, and regularly tracking the effectiveness of our campaigns. In this way, we built a strong social media presence for Bedekar Misal.

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